• Alexa Michaels

Welcome to a world of fantasy and romance!

I want this first blog post to be a recap of who I am and what I've done.

Growing up in the north woods, aka northern Minnesota, the winters are brutal. So my choices were simple, brave the cold or stay where it's warm and read.

Reading turned into writing.

I published my first book in May 2020,

Since then, I branched from contemporary romance into fantasy. You'll find my earlier works are four contemporary romance stories--three are full length novels and one is an eight part episodic.

NaNoWriMo 2020, I switched back to fantasy (while keeping the romance as the sub-plot). The book I wrote, I scrapped. The story didn't make sense. So I scrambled to write a brand new story to meet my editing date.

Fall 2021, The Cursed Princess was published. Other stories were in the works, and now they just seem to be coming and coming!

I have a great team of editors, who I keep very busy. I couldn't do without these fabulous partners in crime!

Now that January 2022 has rolled in, I currently have nine books to my name with one being a short, bonus scene and the other being that eight part episodic, but I count that whole project as one book.

Thanks for stopping by and looking into my work!

Follow me on Instagram and TikTok, I also have an email newsletter (where I have send out ARC copies and other fun, personalize info).

Bye for now,

Alexa H. Michaels ~ "Shall I tell a story?"

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