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Early access stories

Why subscribe? What’s in it for you?

With your support, I will be able to create more content which means, I can give you MORE. Patreon allows me to set up a space where I can share stuff sooner, aka early access. In between publications, there is other bonus content that I’m dying to share. Since I'm launching this Patreon in fall of 2022, there are a lot of things I want to do--like NSFW art, bookish mail, even physical books--but that takes time to set up.
Right now, I'm keeping it simple. Two tiers: one is support, a tip jar. I'll share what I can, and you'll definitely have my gratitude for all the coffee you'll help me grab (thus I've named it coffee, lol). The other tier is going to focus on early access. Right now, I'm aiming to share stories there before they turn up anywhere else--serially or chapter drops. And because you're supporting me, I'll give you ebook copies of the books I share there before they publish.
Just to clarify: Serially means a consistent posting of sections or chapters. Chapter drops means a chunk posted as soon as is humanly possible. The reason I will differentiate is each project moves at its own speed.
(Note: back list publications aren't available at this time, and once a book is publicly published, it can't be given to new patrons. But don't worry, you'll be busy getting the next novel **wink-wink**.)

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